Phys-Can results


Please find below published papers of results in Phys-Can

  1. Länk till Anna Henriksson m.fl. 2016 "Perceived barriers to and facilitators of being physically active during adjuvant cancer treatment"
  2. Länk till Berntsen m. fl. 2017 "Design of a randomized controlled trial of physical training and cancer (Phys-Can) - the impact of exercise intensity on cancer-related fatigue, quality of life and disease outcome"
  3. Länk till Mazzoni m.fl. 2017 "Comparison between log-book reported and objectively-assessed physical activity and sedentary time in breast cancer patients: an agreement study"
  4. Länk till Igelström m.fl. 2017 "Exercise during and after curative oncological treatment - a mapping review"
  5. Länk till Björke m.fl. 2019 "Which exercise prescriptions optimize VO2 max during cancer treatment? A systematic review and meta-analysis"
  6. Länk till Mazzoni m.fl. 2019 "Finding my own motivation. A mixed methods study of exercise and behaviour change support during oncological treatment"
  7. Länk till Johnsson m.fl. 2019 "A single exercise session improves side-effects of chemotherapy in women with breast cancer. An observational study"
  8. Länk till Henriksson m.fl. 2020 "Meaningful and challenging. Supervising physical exercise in a community-based setting for persons undergoing curative oncological treatment"
  9. Länk till Ax m.fl. 2020 "Exercise: A positive feature on functioning in daily life druing cancer treatment. Experiences from the Phys-Can study"
  10. Länk till Wiestad m.fl. 2020 "The Phys-Can observational study. Adjuvant chemotherapy is associated with a reduction whereas physical activity level before start of treatment is associated with maintenance of maximal oxygen uptake in patients with cancer"
  11. Länk till Anna Henrikssons avhandling 2020. "Physical activity and exercise during curative oncological treatment. Exploring the effects of exercise intensity and behaviour change support, safety, and patients' and exercise professionals' experiences"
  12. Länk till Henriksson m.fl. 2021 "Is it safe to exercise during oncological treatment? A study of adverse events during endurance and resistance training. Data from the Phys-Can study"
  13. Länk till Demmelmaier m.fl. 2021 "Does exercise intensity matter for fatigue during (neo-)adjuvant cancer treatment? The Phys-Can randomised clinical trial"

PhD Theses

Link to Anna Henriksson's thesis "Physical activity and exercise during curative oncological treatment" (2020).

Link to Ann Christin Helgesen's thesis "Maximal oxygene uptake in patients exercising during cancer treatment - an evaluation of test criteria and the impact of exercise intensity" (2020).

Link to Tim Schauer's thesis "Systemic inflammation and immune function in patients with cancer" (2021).

Link to Anne-Sophie Mazzoni's thesis "Promoting physical activity during and after curative cancer treatment" (2021).

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